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BCR stands for Business Cost Reduction and that is exactly what we do! But we don't just look at the cost of what you are paying, but, most importantly, how you are buying, storing, using, etc, etc; in fact the majority of our savings proposals are found from improvements in efficiencies. By saving on your overhead expenditure through both tariff and efficiency solutions, we can find you a sustained bottom line saving, year on year, increasing your businesses top line profitability.


Without any up-front fees, Business Cost Reduction can offer you an impressive, viable and consistent strategic edge. The area of cost management is often over looked or under managed, the real energy goes into growing your business, right? Making cost savings can provide you a more stable platform to continue this growth, it could even fund it.


BCR offer their unique service on a No Savings, No Fee basis, therefore if no savings are identified for you there is no charge for our service.

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Case History


Business Cost Reduction are engaged for many varying reasons, often as part of a strategic plan to optimise profitability which can be included in both long and short term visions for your business. For example, in price competitive markets, where we have reduced operating costs, the result is the ability to pass savings directly to your bottom line or, alternatively, onto your customers.

Whether you wish for us to reduce overhead costs in order to fund capital expenditure or to improve efficiencies to grow your businesses, we are always happy to chat over your plans and see if we can provide any benefit for your organisation.

Without any up-front fees, Business Cost Reduction can offer you an impressive, viable and consistent strategic edge, as we have done for many organisations including:
















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How BCR Work

Business Cost Reduction has seen continuous growth since inception in 1998 and is proud to offer cost reduction remedies across the majority of overhead spend areas.

This is achieved through efficiency and methodology reviews and tariff revision, with every client being taken as an individual case, therefore no packaged solutions are offered, each solution is bespoke to the client's requirements and work processes.

Business Cost Reduction works with you under a No Savings, No Fee basis, therefore if no savings are identified for you, there is no charge for our service.

The concept that Business Cost Reduction applies is a simple one, one of the easiest ways to generate greater profits is to identify and rectify wastage of resources. That is what BCR do, systematically, thoroughly and professionally, but with effective resolutions supported by knowledge of the world of supplies, prices and suppliers to which few have access.

The extent of wastage and therefore the scale of potential savings cannot be overstated. In our experience, an average across sectors of up to 20% of company’s profits will be spent on inefficient practices or excessive supplier charges. Often this situation is due to the fact that owners and managers are focused on the growth and development of their businesses and have not the time or opportunity to deal with efficiency reviews, the management of costs or reduction of overheads, supplies and consumables, which is understandable.

"building a better balance sheet"

Even where our Clients have a structured cost program in place, the scope for increased profit through BCR's savings recommendations is correspondingly large, with savings located of up to 45% in some areas of expenditure. These cost reductions are not only substantial and easily generated, they are also the most immediate in effect, going straight to your bottom line.

Our unique service is conducted with total confidentiality, with the minimum of interruption to our Client. Though we work together with your staff for the duration of the project, we do so with the least interruption, as we provide the majority of resource to any project. Our analysts conduct their analysis quickly, efficiently and with minimum interference in your day-to-day routine.

We also view our involvement as very much complimenting what our clients already practice and to assist your staff to achieve maximum reductions, whilst not undermining them, 'telling them how to do their jobs', or worst still, taking their jobs from them.

What is more, during our association, we continue to monitor and advise our Client on progress, market changes and further opportunities for savings, although our Client always approves final decisions.

We treat each and every client individually and therefore will analyse each overhead dependent on the client's specific requirements and spend areas. On the Categories page are a selection of categories that we review on a regular basis, however these are by no means a full or comprehensive listing and we will advise our clients as and when we locate areas which we feel may benefit from a review; our client will then decide if they wish to proceed.

















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We've got our costs honed down to a minimum.

I am sure you may feel that way…all of our clients are active in control of costs in some way or other. However we don't just look at the rates you are paying for your goods, more importantly we also look at efficiencies and methodology within your organisation, analysing and advising you of improvements that can be achieved through altering processes; helping your organisation work 'smarter' and more efficiently.

Oh, and by the way, we have also surprised some of our clients that believe they have everything covered. We hunt for cost solutions all day, every day and we can often spot things others miss!

We will happily undertake a no obligation overview for you, what have you to lose, if we can't find any savings opportunities, we will be the first to shout 'stop', and please remember…we work on a no savings, no charge basis!

Why should we need the service of BCR? Our own staff are familiar with all the areas you have mentioned.

There are several reasons why you will find our services helpful. There is no question of our replacing your existing staff - rather, we complement them. We focus on areas and on issues that are not normally within the professional gaze of most. Most Client staff are kept busy checking the major areas of expenditure - an organisation's "core" costs - they have neither the time, the training, nor the experience to look at the areas we focus on.

For example:

The fact that these things go unchecked is no criticism of those in the relevant positions: they are frequently too busy to be able to do anything about it.

Finally, BCR has many years of experience of countless supplies, suppliers, organisations and prices and our databases are being constantly updated. We know how to spot overcharging and we can spot it very quickly indeed.

Does this mean that your investigations will normally result in a change of suppliers?

Not necessarily. In many cases, we have achieved significant savings for our Client with the same supplier – and without affecting the long term relationship. In other cases the savings through using a different supplier were greater still.

However, there are always many factors to take into account, not least the Client's relationship with the supplier. Most suppliers are prepared to negotiate hard to maintain their business. Equally, most Clients, however close their relationship to the supplier might be, would almost certainly prefer to be informed at least, if overcharging is occurring!

What we do make absolutely sure of is that, whatever the savings achieved whether with the existing or an alternative supplier - the quality of the product and/or service remains the same, if not better.

Does BCR's approach only work with certain organisations?

No, BCR have produced significant savings for Client companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes and with very different business concerns. Wherever there is routine business expenditure, BCR can go to work.

What if you find no possible savings at all?

If we are unable to find any possible savings, then of course there would be no charge.

No Savings... No Fee - that is our promise

An entirely no-risk opportunity for our Clients

We have a through, well-trained and professional staff. They have done an excellent job and I have 100% confidence in their abilities.

Teamwork is everything. We work with your staffWe become an ally, and we, very deliberately and carefully, work to establish confidence and trust, to reassure them that our role is to help and support them in their tasks, not to replace, criticise or cast doubt upon the integrity or efficiency of their work. This is a very important aspect of our operation. What we endeavour to convey is that we are bringing our acquired knowledge and expertise to help them and that when the project is finished, their own work will benefit.

Apart from that, we pride ourselves on the minimal time we actually spend on your premises and on the minimal disruption to your daily work routines.

We run a tight ship, and have pared down our costs to an absolute minimum. We really do not think there is any scope for further savings.

You may well be agreeably surprisedWe have had many Clients who have felt there were only minimal savings to be made, yet were amazed and very pleased at the level of savings found. Again, it is because we focus on the areas that companies and organisations tend to neglect. This is not a comment on the efficiency, or otherwise, of our Clients. It is simply that their focus tends to be on the area of their professional concerns - their core business, and ours is on areas of routine expenditure, which, provided they stay within parameters, tend to go unqueried.


BCR Business Cost Reduction will maintain in strict confidence all information received from the Client concerning its expenses, savings and methodology of business.

Want to know more?

If you would like further information on how BCR can benefit your company, or you would like to arrange a non obligatory meeting to decide if our unique service could be applied to your business, simply click here... 

If you have any further questions we would love to hear from you, give us a call on 01425 485415 or tweet us @bcrgroup.











We focus on agreed areas of your overhead spend, then we advise on a cost re-engineering strategy to facilitate significant savings within these areas.

Every client works differently, and we are extremely flexible so we can work with you to the ultimate goal. With this is mind it is crucial that we understand every client's individual requirements and how our solutions will fit with your organisation, it's culture and future plans, therefore we analyse each overhead dependent on your specific requirements and spend areas.

As I say, we will discuss with you and assist in locating suitable areas for review, however, as a guide, please find below some of the more common areas we have worked on for existing clients:






























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We'd love to hear from you if you need any advice or information on cost management, or want to understand more about how BCR may be able to benefit your organisation…

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Business Cost Reduction offer a cost reduction service. This cost reduction can offer significant savings in all areas of expenditure including overheads. Cost reduction and savings areas are vast and the reduction of costs can be applied to any area of business to create vast savings to any company. Cost reduction is key to staying competivte in business. In many cases 45% on there current cost expenditure could be saved. Savings start as soon as Business Cost Reduction have completed there service. Savings are often seen instantly and the costs that have been removed put the companies that have undergone the cost reduction service in a far stronger economic position than they had been in before they had undergone the cost reduction.